7 Tips For Being A Strong Woman In The Workplace

March 8th 2019

In celebration of International Women’s Day, which we celebrate on the 8th of March, we are sharing tips on how to be a strong woman in the workplace, for all you titans of industry out there.

If you look around your workplace, many of us will notice the same thing; women are few and far between in the important and pivotal roles. This, paired with the constant reminder of things like the Gender Pay Gap, doesn’t instil much confidence in the female workforce that we are working on an even playing field.

However, while there are many obstacles to overcome as a working female, there are things that you can do to ensure that you are knocking down as many of them as you can, for yourself and for the women that follow in your footsteps.

How to be a strong woman in the workplace

1. Perfection

Trying to achieve perfection in the workplace, and sometimes in your home life as well, is unmanageable and unrealistic. While this may feel like the way to advance your career when faced with the dominating reality of a male-led workplace, it is not.

Ask yourself this; are your male counterparts constantly striving for perfection or is it just you?

2. Take risks

The fear of failure can be a debilitating prospect to face, especially when you are trying to make strides in your career.

However, you can expect very little progress unless you do take risks. Be intelligent about it and calculate those risks. Most importantly, trust yourself to make the right decisions. There is a reason you are in the position you are in, trust your instincts.

3. Be confident

If you project yourself as confident, people will believe that you are confident and competent.

Even if you don’t feel confident, there is a reason the saying ‘fake it till you make it‘ has stood the test of time.

Know what your strengths and challenge yourself to progress.

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4. Support the women around you

Do you know that many companies lose 50 percent of their women every five years?

So, while you might enter the company and have many women around you, the sad truth is that you will lose a lot of those women as you progress up through the ranks. This makes for a lonely path to the top and a lonely existence when you finally get there.

To counter this, help to build a real sisterhood within your organisation to ensure that you don’t work for a company that systematically loses their female employees and also to help other women reach their full potential too.

It will also lend a hand to quashing the stereotype that women are catty and backstabbing. It is possible to climb to the top without stepping on other people.

5. Have a plan

While you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that if you work hard and do a good job, then this will be noticed by the higher-ups and you will be rewarded for this, it just sadly is not true.

To be a strong woman in the workplace, you need to put a plan into place pretty early on about where you want to go and how you plan on getting there.

6. Have role models

Looking up at the top of your organisation, it is more than likely void of any female role models to aspire to. You need to look outwards for your female role models and pay close attention to them.

Learn from every single woman you encounter, even if it is only to clarify the way you don’t want to do it.

And remember that you are a role model to someone else. They are watching you too, so make it count.

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7. Become a pro

If you find your area, become indispensable because of it; be the one with all of the answers.

Equip yourself now so you become known as a great leader. Just remember that women leaders are often held to much higher standards than their male counterparts.

If you implement these into your daily life, you will grow in your role as a strong woman in the workplace and inspire the women around you to do the same.

Happy International Women’s Day – and always remember; you are not bossy, you are the BOSS!

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